Shades of Blue

First, let us just agree that there is nothing inherently bad about blue or red.  Conversely, we must also agree that there is nothing exceptionally brilliant about red or blue.  They are, in fact, just color.  Color is simply the property that helps to describe the sensation that our eyes experience as a result of light being reflected off of an object.  Red and Blue possess the ability and uniqueness to stand alone and appeal to a unique set of experiences, circumstances, and opportunities without interference from or dependency upon one another.  They are base in their expression.  They are primary.  They require nothing else in order to be who they are.  They are whole.  They are singular. They are…color.

She loves Red.  Her affection for red extends to the nuanced hues that exist within the spectrum of the color red.  She may not be able to explain why she so readily responds to red, but she has no doubt about the fact that, red is a catalyst that moves her.  She knows that even the hues of this primary sensation are able to describe the very life she lives.

Magenta motivates her to move through life with purpose and drives her to make choices of clarity. The hue of Ruby allows her to rest in a space of resolve.  No matter what she may be experiencing, Ruby is her color of resolution for all that may be crashing down upon her thoughts and emotional energy. Burgundy gives her a sense of balance and bravado.  She is strengthened by its deep and saturated state of reflection.  Her moments of burgundy make even the most unsure of times become familiar and conquerable.  Whenever she knocks upon the door of Fuchsia, she knows that fear is answering her call.  Fuchsia is the over-extended brightness that masks the unknown for her.  Perhaps, being fuchsia will distract you from seeing her lack of burgundy and the indecisiveness of her ruby.  If ever backed into a corner, her Crimson crassness will surely be the reflection she projects and the sensation that all will experience.  It is biting.  Crimson is direct.  Crimson is unmistakable. Crimson takes no prisoners.  Crimson cares….about very little except its sensation of survival.  Crimson is not always accurate and doesn’t always seek burgundy as a partner but doesn’t mind if he tags along and stands two steps behind and doesn’t speak.  Crimson is always in the moment, even when the moment has passed. Scarlet is her space of sensuality.  Her sexiness and seduction are supremely situated in the sensory space of scarlet.  The sensitivity that she exudes within her scarlet space allows her to be vulnerable and more easily succumbed to any episodes of magenta deficiency which she may be dealing with.  Ultimately, she knows that she is… the color red.

Why do you keep demanding Shades of Blue from her?  If you desire to reach her you must speak her language.  Even in your effort to help advance her to understandings of the blue you, it is counter-productive to ignore her sense of being complete, competent, courageous and calm in her red space.  Educate her about blue…don’t diminish her because of her lack of sensitivity to it.  Learn how to offer her purple.  Know her well enough to not give her the shock of ROYAL BLUE as you try to share parts of you.  If she consistently refuses your blue and is not flexible enough to entertain your purple, then, you must…. find another object that is more sensitive to your true blue reflection.  And, that’s okay.  Blue is you…and… it’s just a color…. it needs nothing else in order to be primary!

Submitted by Steven D. Randolph – StevieD  (5-March-2012)

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  1. Perfect SDR, Perfect!

    • Hey BEO… not perfect… .and…. i believe there will be a round #2 of this….as… i didn’t want it to be an overkill….. I think there is more I want to say…. Need to say. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful

  3. Tiawatha White

     /  March 5, 2012

    LOVE IT!!!!!;)

  4. wlps

     /  March 12, 2012

    Typically prefer to view myself as a Prism. Being transparent and polished having the artistic ablilty to refract light….Observing all hues in great appreciation as The Holy One says we are wonderfully created… eloquent

  5. you already know

     /  May 17, 2012

    Confidence is the strongest aphrodisiac to women, yet arrogance is the poison in that concoction of love. There is such a fine line sometimes between cockiness, self confidence, assertiveness, and arrogance. When that line gets crossed it is a major turn off to women.The more confident the women you set your sights on, the more easily they will see the insecurity or self delusion of arrogance in your words and actions. Arrogance vs Quiet Confidence….think about it!

    • Okay… im gonna go out on a limb with this. What are you talking about? Stop being passive and speak the clarity of the negativity that appears to be in the words you wrote in reply to my personal account in spoken word form. Think about what? I have nothing to thing about, young lady. But… please… tell me how your commentary is either Quiet confidence or Non-arrogance…. smh!

      • command peace

         /  May 28, 2012

        It’s not a reply to the piece, but rather you….no negativity just observation of you. Quiet confidence is what you should be displaying when you speak, but oft times your words in terms of its desired effect is misguided.

      • In as much as you don’t know or perceive me as well as you may believe you do…. i will have to take light consideration for “what i should be displaying” from you….but… your opinion and perspective is welcomed. However… your reply only indicates… in my opinion… a reflection of your own inner struggle with confidence and arrogance….and… that…. my friend… should be your true focus. Thanks for the comments though. Intriguing and entertaining.

  6. you already know

     /  May 28, 2012

    My apolgies,I should have expressed in terms of the desired destination and effect.Choosing to observe all of you; it would be quite negligent of me not to acknowledge that if one peers deep enough there is a kind prudent gentlemen who is very compassionate and loving.It appears that fear encumbers you shadowing your efforts and transforms into arrogance.My thoughts,perusing through your documentation.

    • I admit to my own fears. I am truthful about my use of arrogance. That you are not able to discern how this plays out in my life is unfortunate, but, vitally important. But… I will allow you to make and state your observations based on conventional and normalized truths. That being said…. Your statement of said perspective truths does not have to be accepted by me as my experiential truth.

      • you already know

         /  May 30, 2012

        Indeed, well said sir….hope its received in good spirits…..

  7. you already know

     /  May 31, 2012

    how what is playing out in your life???

    • Okay… once again… if you read the statement… its clear what I am referring to. I find it curious that you cannot understand fairly straight-forward sentence structure. Curious indeed.

      • you already know

         /  June 5, 2012

        Pardon my befuddlement, we talked about this before, semantics and/or your uses of idioms…what may appear clear to the writer; the reader makes no assumptions. I see your heart and… its okay….

      • you already know

         /  June 5, 2012

        Disclosure once time permits me, all will be clear

      • As always…… You CANNOT handle ME……. let’s just remain in that space. You are now…. once again… wasting my time and energy.

      • you already know

         /  June 6, 2012

        You’re offended, and for that I am certainly offering my apologies, I don’t desire to handle you as you coined it, for that is definitely not my place. Merely attempting to understand with permission to inquire as desired.Just allow me the opportunity without insulting my intelligence and/or character. Didn’t mean to harm you Steve.

      • you already know

         /  June 6, 2012

        Steve, you’re really not as abstruse as you like to believe yourself to be. Unfortunately I am well acquainted with the struggles that trouble you from time to time. And I have successfully handled it for years. Not desiring to completely disclose you in this forum I am therefore waving the white flag as a symbol of peace to you. I am not competing with you. Perhaps my perception wasn’t as welcomed after all. Openmindedness is a good thing. Praying for you my brotha.

      • Perhaps… at this moment…. you will take heed to stepping away from me… Permanently. Whether you THINK you know me or not. The fact that you hide behind a cloaked screen name indicates otherwise. So… from now on… KNOW me from a GREAT DISTANCE! It will prove beneficial to me and most certainly to you…. even if by perceived Abstruse perspective is not congruent with your very obtuse observations of my inner intellectual, emotional and spiritual well being. Oh… btw… this is the meaning I want you to associate with the word obtuse: {lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect : insensitive, stupid }…. Just so I am CLEAR!

      • you already know

         /  June 12, 2012

        Please forgive me, but I needed to help you understand how you made me feel, its very uncomfortable (even when the purpose is for ministry) when someone you never met claims to know you and starts spelling out your flaws. Please forgive didn’t want to anger you. You win…

      • LEAVE…and DONT RETURN. Your words are BEING REJECTED. The Passive Agressive Cloak of Ministry that you slip into is both insulting and ineffective! It is manipulative and dishonest. LEAVE…and… DONT RETURN.

  8. you already know

     /  June 14, 2012

    I will do as you wish, however let’s be clear my friend, you only became angry when I questioned your claim “you are respectfully honest” . I was never dishonest nor have I manipulated you. Not at all my character. I merely challenged you to look alittle closer. As far as my kind words, they were merely that “kind words”. Steve, I became interested just to observe your words to really watch you. I have learned what I needed to know, the way I wanted from a distance. My screen name, I told you, if you can remember our previous interactions . So no one would know ,but you. Only you know how we engaged in the past.You seem to be angry only when I’ve proven a point that I was trying to express. Not at all dishonest nor manipulative. I am an educator by profession, so I really have no need to really prove that, my licensure for the state confirms that fact.One day later on, you will laugh at this and probably kick yourself for behaving foolishly. All is well dear heart love you in Christ.

    • you already know

       /  June 14, 2012

      Btw, I know the man in you needs to be in control, I am not trying rob you of that. Your anger is an unneccesary distraction. If you’re gonna be angry,be so but rather at yourself. Because the truth is you’re attracted,intrigued,engaged and interested… do I know, you told me in previous dialogue.

      • And yet… you continue. What did your momma or grandmomma tell you about : A Hard head makes what? This is MY POSTS… i don’t need your evaluation or validation or permission to be in control. Your spirit is tainted and you FOLLOW ME! That says more than whatever the state licensing board affirms about you. Please….as i ask again… Go in PEACE…. or… for that matter… GO IN ANGER… JUST GO! I laugh about this already….because.. it is a JOKE how much of a STALKER SPIRIT you POSSESS! And…by the way… others laugh too! Please leave. I have not been ambiguous AT ALL. I repeat…. since it appears that you RESIST being TOLD WHAT TO DO…. LEAVE.

  9. carla

     /  March 21, 2013

    Learn how to offer her purple…..

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