Spoken Word – Standing Room Only


No greater love has ever been shown
Than from HE whose son sits at the right of the throne.
Surrounded by elders, I believe it’s twenty-four,
Engulfed in sounds of worships and drowning sounds of adores.
Yes, it’s true I just made… those verbs into nouns
Cause THEY transcend all earthly…. grammatical bounds
For what THEY are is far beyond … any limited human act
Of what I can do, and far beyond what I lack.
The throne room is like no room From the distant past or yet to come.
To be in the presence of all that energy, stronger than man’s atomic bombs
Lightenings and thunderings merge… with heavenly uttered voices
Proceeding from the throne in melodic-like choruses.
Lamps numbered to seven showing forth un-earthly glow
Revealing aspects of God’s spirit that mere man could never know.
Some believe he’s the source of a unified three
That label being named, The Divine Trinity
While others resolve to the idea of a single HE
Who contains all aspects within that one personality
While that debate exists, it doesn’t begin to compare
To what I KNOW is Truth, Which is….He simply CARES. 
Sometimes I lift…my hands to portray
The stretched-forth-need that I’m compelled to convey
That runs deep inside….my life-seeking soul
I need a breakthrough…i NEED A CHANGED VIEW….Like Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole.
That sends me to a place that’s out of this world
Where upside down is right side up…
No more random sips from the bitter cup.
If only I could achieve what I know to be my heart’s dream
To be in the space inhabited by the one… in whom my faith believes.
That I might know him… and the power because he lives
The fellowship of suffering with him, new life to me he gives.
I just don’t wanna know his name and never see his face
The intent I have is to make it in while riding on his amazing grace.
My goal is to make it, my goal is to rest
In the place where God gives access to heaven’s ultimate best
I may not have reserved, one of the twenty-four seats
But I plan to make up there….for more than just a peak…
I Wanna stand in the center, in the midst of it all
Crying HOLY…HOLY…HOLY…. With all the rest of ya’ll
I don’t know what you have planned for the middle of next week
But if God says “Come my people”… ya’ll can forget about ME!
I’ve waited too long. I’ve gone through too much
To get caught up in the madness of this earthly stuff.
So when you see me acting funny, and sounding kinda loud
It’s probably ’cause I’m chasing worship benefits… that exist beyond the clouds
I’m striving to keep my life honest, not just momentarily Holy
Cause true worshippers will pack the throne room…It’s STANDING ROOM ONLY!
STeven D. Randolph aka StevieD
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  1. SDR YOU are detonating the bomb! It’s definitely TAKE OVER TIME! 😛

  2. wlps

     /  March 12, 2012

    You are certainly aiming your will in the direction of the priesthood. Declaration, Direction, Determination, equals Destination… When you align yourself to the design and purpose of Qedosh Yisrael, its an automatic response to stand in awe with adoration.Things, times, places, people and other created beings became holy by virtue of their connection to a Holy God. Qedosh Yisrael emphasizes God’s uniqueness and mystery as well as his call to his people…Deep calling to Deep…Awesome Job Steve!

  3. wlps

     /  May 28, 2012

    welcomed sweetie:)

  4. wlps

     /  May 30, 2012

    This particular piece reminds me of this song.

    Asking questions that I never asked before, expecting answers that will unlock every door. It’s a new and living way to serve him better in the future is the only reason I’m here today. I’m seeking God in a very solemn way. I’m taking heed to the things I do and say. I’m offering myself to him I’m coming as brother and coming as a friend. Oh oh now I see it’s you I need and with your help I’m denying self and I put my hand in yours….Ron Winans A song of consecration

  5. I have not written a piece since this one! It’s almost been an entire year. This Sealed my Freshman year of Spoken Word…..and…. undoubtedly… Will Launch my Sophomore year! I am READY!


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