Welcome to my newest venture into the world of blogging.  I hope to use this as a means of capturing and sharing my thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences on a range of subject matter. In doing so, I would first like to provide a backdrop for who the man, Steven D Randolph Sr., is.  So, In my own words…. I SHARE With you…… Enjoy!

I am a regular brotha with regular issues. I command honesty, integrity and understanding of those who so choose to be in my world…. I love hard……I hate hard…. and I am never confused about what I feel for you or about you.

I can be arrogant and prideful but it’s only because I am best protected when I love me more than I allow you to love me.

I am a committed Father, friend, brotha, lover, and child-of-God. I am not perfect but strive for it continuously.

I make choices….some of them not so good…but I own the choices that I make. I expect you to do the same about your own choices.

I am an exhalter of the brothahood and do my best to lift us up where we belong…when we belong there. I attempt to see that which is good in people despite what may be a challenge. However, I am not fooled. Just because I don’t mention it doesn’t mean I don’t recognize it. I am gracious and forgiving. However, I have a limit on my tolerance for ill behavior.

Knowing me is a journey…. some may be equipped and prepared to embark upon it with me, while others may find the walk too complicated and not value-added. Either way, I am respectfully honest and open to sharing opinions and thoughts on most topics that are in my scope of experience or belief.

Please feel free to respond with comments, opinions, thoughts and ideas on any information which you see posted on any of my blog entries.  I am not a debater, although I can be.  However, I find that I learn more when I engage others in discussion.  I want to learn more from you.

Peace and God Bless… I look forward to this journey with you all.

Steven D Randolph, Sr.   aka StevieD

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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is great!!!

  3. Loving the NEW Look!

  4. you already know

     /  June 4, 2012

    Hmmm….”I am respectfully honest”…?? elaborate

    • Self explanatory……..

      • you already know

         /  June 5, 2012

        Elaborate…has nothing to do with my understanding of the statement….I am merely toying;and questioning the integrity of the statement….IS IT A VALID STATEMENT , self observation or proven field study.

      • Ridiculous. “Field Study”??? Really? How about you simply absorb what you can…. refrain from analyzing what you can’t…. and pray about the questions of integrity and validity that you have. This is becoming a simple waste….as… you have proven in times past. I attempt to give you access and you still behave poorly.

      • you already know

         /  June 6, 2012

        Sir, again you are so serious,just allow it sometimes…never attempting to defame you… I just couldn’t resist. Way too uptight. The inquiry wasn’t inappropriate,your position has always been that you are respectfully honest,well you have once again proven what I’ve been saying to you for some time….its your veiw and not the review of onlookers. I don’t dislike you ,but rather find you intriguing as you have said regarding me, however allow someone else to praise you for your greatness.

      • you already know

         /  June 6, 2012

        Discovery is the most important aspect in life’s cycle As we mature, the success of our development depends mostly on the discovery of people, objects, place and self. Our sense of well being established primarily on knowing keys to essential question.It has always been a thing for me to explore and inquiry of others.We both have similar areas of conflict. You chose to be transparent and I applaud you for your candidness. I do pray for you, as a matter of fact we as a church body are taking part in solemn worship. I did and have been offering prayer on your behalf. Never under estimate friendship and prayer. Peace my friend

      • you already know

         /  June 6, 2012

        Field study was just a way of saying, have you asked a friend about that…. It wasn’t to be taken so seriously ….wow

      • You are duly dismissed. Don’t feel led or obligated to respond any longer to any of my posts…. its really okay with me. It will serve us both well. Thanks for your compliance.

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